Why you should start collecting review right now for your Business

Ever seen any business grow without people or customers who patronize it? Never, right? Most of these people don’t just stumble upon the products of these businesses and decide to patronize them. 

Nowadays, people are skeptical about everything and are careful when selecting what business to patronize and which ones to warn the world about; hence the thorough scrutiny while going through a business’s website.  

You too are guilty of putting products through scrutiny before you swipe past them or push the buy button. 

In today’s world where online platforms have made it easier to buy and sell from any part of the world, It is not just enough to reel in a potential customer or keep them, your business grows with them buying staying, and bringing in other people through reviews. 

Every business needs reviews to grow whether its activities are online or offline. Reviews are not just the bridge between the usual word of mouth feedback and the online form which influences intending customers’ opinion about your products, they can also make or mar your business as people’s decisions to buy from you largely depends on them. 


The 2018 LCR (Local Consumer Review) survey stated that 86% of consumers read reviews of local businesses before deciding to purchase or not. 

As a business owner, apart from providing splendid services to your customers, you must encourage them to leave honest feedback as they leave your store or your business site.  

The positive feedback you get helps intending customers to trust your services enough to try them while the complaints and suggestions will help you improve and serve your customers better. 

Nothing beats having customers testify of how you made them feel at home with your services. 

Customer reviews are of two forms:

  • Word of mouth review: Word-of-mouth referrals and personal recommendations were once the traditional way of getting to know how bad a business’s service was. Imagine visiting an eatery and they serve you the best pizza you have ever eaten, you would go around broadcasting it to your friends because you would want them to have the same amazing feeling you had. This form of review is just passed on by telling other people about the good services of a business. Therefore, the business owner may never get to know that his or her services have been recommended but he will see the influx of more costumers. 
  • Written review/feedback: Written reviews are the best ways to recommend a business’s services. Due to the availability of customer-based media online, it is easier to find reviews of a product in multiple places. Here, the satisfied customer goes ahead to write how satisfied he or she is with the services given to him or her in the review section of the business site or through an email. Some leave reviews by rating the service they got.  These reviews are trusted almost as much as though they were from a family member or friend.

Here are some facts about reviews you may not know.

  • Customer reviews go farther to reel in more customers that will stay than advertising would. This is because reviews are more trustworthy than any form of advertisement.
  • Online reviews are better advertisement as they can reach a lot of people as a result of the power of the internet.
  • Regardless of the price of your products, your reviews will tell whether or not people will buy your wares.
  • Reviews help to establish a great relationship between you and your customers.
  • Reviews give business owners the power to leverage on the feedback of satisfied customers to promote their businesses.
  • Reviews build your online business reputation.
  • Most renowned businesses today are at the top because of the recommendations by their customers.
  • 57% of consumers will only patronize a business if it has 4 or more stars.
  • 91% of consumers within the age range of 18-34 trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations.
  • 80% of consumers within the age of 18-34 have written online reviews. This is in comparison with about 41% of consumers who are above 55 years.


Here are different ways you can gather reviews from your customers.

  • Printable Feedback Forms 

Different businesses exist and so for each business, a different strategy is needed to collect review. As a business owner who has an offline store where you physically meet your customers, this process of collecting reviews for your business is of great importance. 

You can create a feedback form where you ask your customers how satisfied they are with your services and to give suggestions that can help you serve them better. 

These forms after creation are printed with your business name and logo and handed out to your clients as they leave your store after patronizing your business. 

Although the handouts might work as a physical reminder sometimes, they are just tossed into a nearby bin, forgotten and others never make it back to you to help you evaluate your business.

  • Include Links to email signatures

Another way to easily collect reviews from your customers as soon as they are done shopping from your online store is to add a simple link that allows them to leave an instant review. 

All you have to do is to create a link that pops up after shopping from your store and takes your customer straight to the review section. You can also add the link to your signature and every email you send to your customers. 

You might be wondering if you would want to add your review link to every email you send out because you probably also email people who may not be happy with your business. 

If this is the case with you, then you do not have any problem as you can visit, Peakfirms.com, Clutch.co, or G2.com to aid you with your review collection and automation.

Using Peakfirms.com services which offer the best when it comes to review collection, it is easier to filter out negative reviews and keep them from being published.

  • Send out mailers

You might consider creating and sending out mailers to your customers as being expensive and unwise for a business that wants to make more money and not just spend what they have. 

You are right but a certain business rule states that “to make more money, you must invest more.” That means you have to spend money to gain money. 

A recent study carried out for a jewelry business found out that what they gained from a five-star review was $18.43. This means that for every 5-star review they got for a service perfectly provided, they earn $18.43 as additional profit. Impressive huh? 

Now, imagine that this business has 300 or more customers and they send all 300 of them mailers reminding them to leave a review? Let’s peg the cost of each mailer sent out at $1.00. The total cost of sending out mailers to 300 customers will be $300. That’s some huge sum considering that not all 300 customers will respond. 

But here’s where it gets even more interesting. If at least 30 people out of the 300 customers who got the mailers respond with 5-star reviews, this jewelry business will be able to boast of receiving $552.90 in addition to its normal sales. 

That leaves the company with a profit of $252.90. One of the best ways to make a profit huh?

  • Use a review collection and automation service

Signing up with a review collection and automation service to take care of collecting reviews from your past customers is one of the best ways of collecting reviews. 

Review collection services allow you to easily follow-up your customers through email and sometimes text messages requesting reviews for your business. Of course, if your services were excellent, they wouldn’t hesitate to grant your request. 

These review collection and automation services used to be expensive costing hundreds of dollars. 

Recently there has been an influx of review collection companies with reputable services whose service charges aren’t as expensive anymore.

Some of these services can integrate email and text generation with every platform where your business appears on. 

This easily distributes the reviews you get from any of your customers will be evenly distributed.


Maybe, you are already collecting reviews and working on getting your business to its peak with your feedback or maybe you are not yet there. We at Peakfirms.com do not know how important you take ‘collection of reviews’ but if you do not disagree with the first few lines stated about reviews and what it can do for your business then stay glued to your screen to know why you should collect reviews and why now is the best time to start.


A lot of businesses that have gone through rough times and have grown to a level of admiration have customer reviews to thank for their growth. 

As a business owner, you don’t have to relax and watch your customer walk out the door without asking them questions such as;

  • Are our business methods alright?
  • What do you think of the service you received/ the product that you bought?
  • Is there something you think we can do to improve on the services rendered to you?

The feedback you get from questions like this helps you know how the customers feel about your business. 

Any customer will be pleased to have the business owner seek their opinion about the services they got. Analyzing these reviews will make you go the extra mile to improve your customer service. 

Once taken seriously, reviews go a long way to help you pinpoint the problems customers are having with your business and to quickly address them.


Business promotion through advertisement is one of the best ways to boost sales but the one way to stay in everyone’s mind is by having your customers do your business promotion themselves. 

A business that doesn’t have to boast about its services or products for people to buy from them has reached its peak and will never go out of business. 

Being a successful business owner does not depend on the amount of money you make or the number of products you have out there, it depends on how long you can stay afloat in the rumbling storms of the business world.

Positive customer reviews can bring you more business than any form of advertising or promotion you might do. 

The positive review, therefore, acts like micro-marketing campaigns for your business that are always working for your brand long after they have been put up online. Positive reviews tell the whole world how real and creative your business is.


Positive reviews mean that your product has been tried and can be trusted to give the result for which it is in existence. 

Online beauty stores do not just post the beauty products they have up for sale anymore, they go ahead to post pictures of their reviews both private and public ones alongside their wares.


Any customer who dedicates time to write a review for your business is likely to stay loyal to your brand. These customers always come back and will stick with you like glue. 

They will become your second family, helping you to push your business in the faces of everybody they meet. 

This is the best way to get valuable brand ambassadors that you don’t have to pay before they tell the world of your company.

Giving your customer the room to express what they feel about your brand makes them feel important and this will aid the establishment of customer loyalty and friendship.


Requesting for customer reviews does not just buy their loyalty but it tells them how important their opinions are to the growth of your business.

 Involving them in your business path through reviews show them that you don’t just say ‘thank you for your patronage’ because they bought your product and that you want them to buy more but because you value their advice.


The internet is such an amazing place that no positive stroke ever goes unnoticed. Your brand’s search rankings leap whenever the internet notices some positive comments about your products or services. 

Positive customer reviews are so important to business owners and are the most sought after because of their ability to improve their search rankings in the local search results.

Even though a business is not properly optimized, once it has positive reviews about it, its search ranking is enhanced. 

Therefore, you can easily find your website popping up when you type a certain word related to your business. 

This helps people find you easily and when they see that a lot of people have something good to say about your business, they start believing in you and will want to do business with you. 


Social media has caused so much harm to consumers that they do not trust so much what they see online. In this era of rampant internet scams, nobody wants to fall victim and so will shy away from businesses that have fewer reviews and ratings. 

Fewer reviews to people mean that your wares are not good enough and so don’t deserve patronizing. Opinions provided by other people who have you’re your product or service tend to provide more information about your business, what it offers, and how it is offered; on a silver plate or platter of gold. 

When you enter a new city, the first thing you do is to look for the best place to stay while you are in the city. You pull out your phone and search for the best hotels in the area. 

How would you know the best hotels without the reviews and ratings? You definitely won’t know which hotels are the best if there are no reviews to guide your choice.

Finally, if you have been neglecting the collection of reviews as a business owner, this is the right time to reconsider as its importance cannot be over-emphasized. 

If your excuse is that you might not have the time or know-how to handle this part of your business, you can always sign-up with review collecting agencies like Peakfirms.com, Clutch, and G2.com. Amongst all three, Peakfirms.com has stolen the hearts of lots of business owners with their excellent work ethics which gives you the best results. You can decide to miss out on anything but not this subtle yet effective marketing strategy called review collection. 

Yes, reviews are crucial to your intending customers to make an informed decision about your business, but they are even more important to you Now that you have known the importance of review collection for your business, now is your best time to start.


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